Peddler Market Street Food Trader Applications


Please complete the opposite form if you wish to trade with us at Peddler Market.

Successful applications will be contacted by email.

Please note: This form is for street food applicants only.

Terms & Conditions
  • Your place will only be secured once we’ve received your deposit and all required documentation. Documentation must be in date and accurate as required by the H&S legislation. 
  • While trading at Peddler Market, the set-up and installation of your equipment must adhere with your documentation and risk assessments. Failure to do so endangers the health and safety of event attendees and we may ask you to stop trading. 
  • You must maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene within your stall in keeping with your HACCP Food Safety Plan.  
  • Please ensure your waste is securely bagged and placed in the correct waste bin, please remember all the bins on site are compost only! If you put any non compostable waste in these bins the whole 1100L bin will be rejected and sent to landfill. Any waste we find in these bins will be removed by our staff and we will not pay your deposit back for that day of trade. This is very important to us and we need to take it seriously for it to work. 
  • You agree to leave the land / ground you trade on exactly as you found it, taking measures to prevent any spillages under your vehicle / trading stand. If there is extensive oil or food stains where you have been we will charge you appropriately.  
  • You agree to serve exactly what is specified on your menu.  If you wish to amend your menu we must be informed of this prior to the event.  
  • You are not permitted to serve alcohol, coffee or hot drinks at the event, only soft drinks.  
  • It is the responsibility of you as a trader to properly train and brief any employees, workers or subcontractors who are brought to work at our venue.  All traders and trader representatives must adhere to our event safety plan and risk assessments.  We will proactively aim to enforce our site rules, but we do not accept any liability for any no adherence to site rules by trader representatives, employers, workers and subcontractors.  
  • Please ask our project management team if you require any clarification of site rules.